Birthe Reinau


On this exhibition I show 4 big works and some smaller ones.

The big pictures are from London and Berlin.

On the pictures there are people from other places than England and Germany.
Migrants from different places. This is the world today; people originally come
from one place and live in some place else. People are moving for of many
different reasons; adventure and curiosity of knowing other cultures and ways
of living, dreams of a better life, refugees from war and repression or maybe
love or any other different reason.

Three of the pictures are from Camden Town in London which is an area
with people from many different countries; Jamaica, India and other places,
and the picture from Berlin is from Ostende strasse and shows immigrants
from Germany.

My own story is an artist life with a many travels and longer stays in different
places of the world.

I stayed years ago four years in Latin America where I spent the two years
living in Mexico and one living in Panama and the rest of the time travelling
in Brazil and other countries in South America.

That of coarse gave me a strong feeling of living life and feeling at home
in an other country than my own.

Its has always been very important for me as an artist to travel to other
countries, and it has interested me what happens when people move
and start to live in other countries.

What happen, what do they bring with in their luggage of traditions,
languages, religions, cultures, means of expression and feelings.
Which dreams they have and what picture language and symbols
they bring and how that are expressed.

This is what I am working with in the small pictures; my own pictures
and what I imagine can be other peoples pictures with symbols and
feelings of belonging to different places.

The big pictures are digital photo prints on canvas and the small
ones are acrylic and mixed media on canvas.