Liubov Kadyrova

I'm an artist based in Dublin.
Drawing is currently my preferred method of work.
I don't like writing STATEMENTS. I feel more comfortable describing INTENTION.

I intent to explore:
Drawing as a process, medium and result
Drawing as a method of thinking, communication and substitution for communication
Drawing as a self-help, meditation and mediation
Relationship between drawing and words, drawing and story, word as a unit, drawing as a unit, fragmented drawing.
Drawing of ambitious scale which isn't meant to last
If drawing depicts a moment of describes the future?
Restricted (limited) visual vocabulary of an artist or repetitiveness of images as a state of helplessness.
Drawing and context, always?
Misplaced drawing: notebook -framed piece- gallery based -post-it notes-office-home-street-public place
Image-orientated drawing, drawing without image, image described by words, no image, no words, narrative is always present?
Drawing on found, re-cycled and appropriated surface as claiming a space and attention.

I believe I make work in response to an event, thought or idea. I make my work to relate to work of others. I make space for my work. I wait for my work to come to me. I make it visible for a while. I allow it to exist for a while. I betray my work by promises I have no intention to keep.
I intend to make drawing, let it hang and find a life for it.
I want to destroy it in the end, let it die. I won't hesitate or regret it.