28th April until 3rd May 2011

The Guerrilla exhibition at the end of the pier at Southport was a memorial to turn-berlin using the shape and colours from the logo of the gallery had significance for us and we needed to let go and move on. So in a way this was the last exhibition of turn-berlin and our Farewell.

The tiles were ceramic and hand painted with oil paint to achieve the right colours. The motive of the hands was to represent the loosing of an ability to make and form. As the experiment that was turn-berlin was a collaborative venture nine pairs of hands was a good number.

They where placed at the end of the pier on the weekend of the royal wedding 28th April until 3rd May 2011 as I figured a lot of people would walk the pier that weekend and it turned out to be a record number of visitors to Southport according to the local paper. If only a small percentage saw the work and had mild curiosity my intentions had been for filed, I did not give any indication of what the work was about in the vicinity, or that it was an artwork at all. I did consider interviewing people but decided against as the anonymity worked better.

The work was vandalised three times and after five days was stolen altogether, it was covered by the sea six times and re-emerged. I think I liked it best when it was visible under 30 cm of water and moving because of the motion of the sea.