Hotel Mind Statement

Hotel Mind explores the complex psychical and psychological process
brought about through grief, absence and loss (including that of oneself
in the midst of heightened emotions and numbness), in an attempt to give
a truthful account of the inner life of the grieving.

The absence of significant co-ordinates can alter the course resulting in
a parallel life to that which was expected. This detour can have destructive
consequences, due to ignorance, confusion, fear, inertia, and feelings of
impending doom.

These emotions reflect themselves in behaviours of denial, dependence,
co-dependence, anxiety and depression. Finding oneself again and
accepting that process in all it’s messy glory is at the essence of Hotel Mind.

As temporary places of residence, hotels symbolise transition from one
stage to another. They act as a metaphor for the lack of personal identity,
history and question the physical and emotional attachments we would
associate with the security of a home.

Metaphorical representations are consistent within the Hotels as an
expression of feeling and emotion to a particular psychological stage.

Juliet King
February 09