I represent landscapes in my painting which have an atmosphere of freedom and
openness through the subject matter of travel and sometimes in a conceptual way. The
paintings have clear connections with environment as they are often views of places and
times which are still in existence and perhaps overlooked in the speed of modern society.
Most of the paintings try to capture these reflective moments within an urban or rural

The material gathered for my work is experiential, it is what I record in my paintings along
the way. Sometimes it can be an obscure object in an urban setting which captures my
eye and at other times the way the light is falling on a landscape or through a window, it is
later in the studio that experimentation with composition occurs and the production of the
final paintings.

I am influenced by film and photography with regard to technique and use of colour.
Sometimes I paint the intermediate visual experience of transition or travel which is
recorded in photographic form and is experimental as the journal on my website reflects.
As an artist my journeys are always instinctive, I have a real love of open landscapes and
changing light and I am often drawn to those elements, and to record on canvas those rare
visual moments.