My creative process is one of exploration and chance. I go into each painting with no
preconceived idea - working initially on building the surface in layers and marking
reference points. Gradually a dialogue between the painting and myself is developed
and a definite direction is formed. Each element of the work will be constantly examined,
considered and reassessed. In the final analysis great importance is placed on the
finished surface, balance, structure and rhythm of the painting.

The work evolves naturally year on year, sometimes revisiting old places before moving
forward again. In my current paintings the imagery has become more literal, using a
combination of random elements mixed with direct references to investigate allegory and
narrative, memory and impurity. Although these works perhaps give more of an indication
of personal intentions, they remain open to interpretation by the viewer. The paintings
employ a variety of mixed media to explore human histories, random and specific mark
making, urban imagery and a mix of personal hand writing and printed script.

My working process involves a range of materials including acrylic and oil paints,
collage, glazes and varnishes. The paintings are created on wood panels and utilise more
urban colours than the colours of nature. Ultimately they aim to celebrate the spirit of modern
culture, the pleasure of finding and using, and the Dada-ist ideal of looking at society in fragments.