Vauney Strahan


As human beings we are continuously navigating different realms of existence simultaneously.
This activity is done both consciously and unconsciously.

As we weave our way around the spaces we occupy we are consciously engaged with the feel
and texture of our physical world. However, what interests me is the simultaneous navigation
of a world less tangible than this physical realm, this outer landscape. The inner landscape-
the perceptual architecture of the mind, the emotional and the spiritual realms.

In my work I investigate the movement and feel of both inner and outer landscape and the
dialogue between them. My chief artistic interest concerns the place where these two
landscapes converge. A place where the realm of the mind, the spirit and the senses connects
with the physical realm, the world we live in – in short, where the subconscious meets the
conscious, where mind meets matter.

I am interested in metaphysical discoveries, debates on the possible existence of parallel
universes and above all, the creative power of thought. I draw a great deal of inspiration for
these themes as well as from my studies in Buddhist philosophy, and the notion of
awakening from the sleep of ignorance to see the true nature of things”. More and more I
also find myself preoccupied with Man’s place in the world today and our role in the
shaping of our planet.

My paintings are largely oil on canvas. In my work, I see translucent, fluid brush-work as a
stream of consciousness or free-flowing thought. Against this is the controlled execution of
hard-edged forms – the matter of the world surrounding us. I often use marble dust and
masking tape to create thick, cement-like texture and solid, precise lines. This encapsulates
the presence of Man in my work, in contrast to the organic, spontaneous gestures of Nature.