Leona Clinton

Artist's statement

Leona Clinton is a multi disciplinary artist who lives and works in Dublin, Ireland. Since graduating from the Dublin Institute of Technology in 2006 she has exhibited nationally and internationally.
Working primarily with drawing, video and sound, Leona’s practice shows a fundamental concern with the coded geography of the everyday and the deep structures to be found in the seemingly unstructured. Through her work, she attempts to draw lines between the behaviour of systems and how we relate to the world around us.
The relationship between the whole and the individual is both a source of complexity and interdependence. By dismantling the illusion of disorder we have an opportunity to see both the ceaselessly complex and the perfectly simple. Using this as her main point of enquiry, Leona’s work often suggests that chaos is an illusion and that everything around us is moving to a collective score.
The works included in Collective Spirit are from an ongoing drawing series entitled Metageographies.

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