Cora Jane Glasser


I live in New York City. The old joke is that it would be a great place if
it were ever finished. Structures are constantly being torn down and
new ones built. What we think of as permanent disappears. I am
reminded of ancient ruins and wonder if one day we will all disappear
or whether human creativity will prevail. By contemplating the short
life cycle of seemingly permanent structures I pose the question,
“what will we leave behind, and will it be remembered?

I paint to capture the skepticism and uncertainty inherent in the
question. The body of work all titled “Query” depicts the uncertainty
by the use of negative space, the Void. Positive space is physical
evidence of our built environment. The question, of course, remains


Robert Rauschenberg, for his use of unusual materials
Anish Kapoor, for his work & comments on the Void