This project is the creation of a fiction based on my life in Berlin.
Photoautomat is the intermediate space between the place I live and the
city. The space of my bedroom represents the white canvas from where
my creations come from. There is a door on that canvas from where the
ideas move to other places in the city.
Photoautomat is like a stage with a courtin which opens itself to the city
and from there comes out the Zauberin (Magician), the Geist (Ghost) and
the Bohmin (Bohemian), the three personifications of the character of
It is about a closed circuit of a dream divided between three places: the
interior of my bedroom, the Photoautomat and the city.
In the intermediate space there is a flash that captures in black and white,
the moment of passage from the interior universe to the exterior universe
and vice-versa. This space, occult in the video, is revealed in the
What I propose to present at turn-berlin Gallery in the opening of Soft
Confines exhibition is a video and a performance based on
The video I propose to show is about the whole project, showing the life
of those three characteres created in Berlin during the time I have been at
Takt artist residency.
Together with the video I propose to do some real actions with the same
characters presented in the video. They will be like invited guests of the
opening, so they will express their different ways of living, just walking
around the exhibition, seeing the exposed works of art, interact with
people in different ways or just being concentrated in what they are doing
in accordance with their particular behaviors and personalities.
They are the representation of Berlin feelings into the gallery.
Performance duration time: approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Filipa Guimarães, June 3, 2010